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EuroJackpot Results

Check the latest EuroJackpot results! We update the EuroJackpot winning numbers here every Friday evening (or Saturday morning if based in Asia) after the draw has taken place.

Last EuroJackpot Winning Numbers

  • 3
  • 26
  • 31
  • 33
  • 50
  • 3
  • 9
Category Number of winners Prizes
I (5 Numbers, 2 EuroNumbers) 0 x 29.000.000,00 Euros
II (5 Numbers, 1 EuroNumber) 0 x 1.124.910,80 Euros
III (5 Numbers, 0 EuroNumbers) 4 x 99.256,80 Euros
IV (4 Numbers, 2 EuroNumbers) 24 x 5.514,20 Euros
V (4 Numbers, 1 EuroNumber) 406 x 293,30 Euros
VI (4 Numbers, 0 EuroNumbers) 753 x 123,00 Euros
VII (3 Numbers, 2 EuroNumbers) 1.256 x 63,20 Euros
VIII (2 Numbers, 2 EuroNumbers) 19.251 x 21,30 Euros
IX (3 Numbers, 1 EuroNumber) 20.465 x 19,40 Euros
X (3 Numbers, 0 EuroNumbers) 35.938 x 15,80 Euros
XI (1 Number, 2 EuroNumbers) 101.222 x 10,10 Euros
XII (2 Numbers, 1 EuroNumber) 305.353 x 8,20 Euros

All information is subject to correction

You can also find the lottery results for the past ten weeks archived here if you've found an old winning ticket under the couch! All draws take place at 19:00 GMT in Helsinki, Finland, and the Euro Jackpot results and winning numbers will usually be available soon after the draw on our site.

The Euro Jackpot results are comprised of seven numbers, 5 regular balls chosen from the numbers 1 to 50 and the two special Euro Balls which are chosen from the numbers 1 to 10. Matching all of the balls correctly wins you the multi-millionaire jackpot but there are 11 other smaller tiers which you should also check as just matching two numbers correctly will win you the minimum prize. Simply click on a result and this will produce a full prize breakdown for all of the different tiers in GBP, Dollars or whatever currency suits you. Good luck!

Check your EuroJackpot Winning Numbers

Please note that we only upload the EuroJackpot official results and the numbers posted are all checked, re-checked and verified so that you can be confident of their accuracy. Rollovers and the estimated next EuroJackpot jackpot amount are also clearly indicated with the date of the next draw.

If you have tickets which you bought offline then don't forget to check your EuroJackpot results here every Friday as the number of days which you have to claim a winning ticket varies from country to country. If you are playing online most websites will automatically credit any EuroJackpot winnings directly into your account, alleviating you of the risk of forgetting a draw.

With better odds of winning than EuroMillions and bigger jackpot prizes than the National Lottery, make sure that you choose your EuroJackpot winning numbers carefully and we?ll see you back here next Friday with the results for the next big draw!